What No One Tells You About Visiting The Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, FL with Your Toddler

One hour from Disney and 30 minutes from Cocoa Beach, this is a wonderful, toddler-friendly zoo.

The open aviary is either magical or terrifying

My daughter loved watching all of the beautiful birds flying around and tweeting away.  It made her day when one of the friendly zoo keepers offered to let her dad feed a bird out of his hand.  She was memorized by the entire experience. My son took two steps inside the enclosure and promptly started to scream his head off.  He and I ended up sitting outside of the bird house on a shady bench.  Also, the zoo offers hand sanitizer dispensers right outside the door to wipe away all that birdy goodness.

They are going to want to feed the giraffes and they are ALL the way at the end of the zoo

We don’t have a picture with the giraffes because we ended up booking it across the zoo at the very last minute.  Yes, poor mama planning, let the mom shaming begin.  We walked right around the corner to the giraffe enclosure as the zoo workers were corralling people out for closing time. As I’m sure many of you well-traveled mamas know, you might want to start at the end and work your way back.  Your final stop (whether you like it or not) is the gift shop.  Cleverly, it is the only exit.  

Petting zoo, tree fort and small water park OH MY

This very clean and well-organized zoo is a great place to take your little ones for a fun and interactive experience.  The learning lagoon, boat and, most importantly, whale slide are all a huge hit.  These activities are a great way to break up the “walking and looking” nature of a zoo visit. 

The walkway design is awesome when you need to keep an eye on your escape artist

This may be something only a toddler mom would think about, but the zoo design is simply genius.  The walkways are surrounded by the enclosures, so there really aren’t a whole lot of options for your Littles to escape.  I didn’t spend the entire visit worrying they would run off or begging my husband and mom to pick a kid and never take their eyes off of them.  Also, my aunt needs a scooter to get around, and she was able to enjoy the zoo with everyone else. It was a very relaxing, peaceful, tropical kind of day.

The dinosaur exhibit is toddler heaven (until they roar)

*Extinct on April 30, 2019

The zoo has an amazing animatronic dinosaur exhibit, and it is truly amazing.  Our gang included two 2-year olds, a 6-year-old and an 11-year-old, and everyone was equally amazed. I highly recommend checking it out!  Beware: they do roar, and my Littles didn’t love that part.


·       Adults $19.95

·       Seniors $18.95

·       Children ages 3 – 11 $14.95

·       Children under 3 FREE

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