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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. 

As we celebrated my mom’s 73rd birthday this week, we reflected on how wonderful it was that we built our multigenerational home five years ago when she retired. She was able to move, get settled and share in the birth of our twins and our surprise 3rd child without having to travel back and forth.

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The closeness has fostered wonderful relationships with her grandchildren. Advanced planning was the best decision.  We are all so glad we did it because we’re ready for what the future might bring.  We can relax and enjoy life knowing she has a safe, loving place to live with family nearby. 

Photo Credit: Dana Arnold Photography

Now, we can focus on finding the best health care options possible for my mom as she looks ahead to the next decade and what it may bring. We’re taking our time and looking at all the things she might need in the future. Right now, we’re looking into the Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement options available to her, such as those offered by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Virginia. We want to know which options fit well with who my mom is and how she lives her life.

After reading the materials, we can see that Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Virginia is committed to offering Medicare Advantage plans that provide high-quality and affordable health care services. Additionally, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield strive to improve lives through whole-person health.  Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s Medicare Advantage plans offer wellness services including healthy food delivery, health-related transportation services, adult day center visits to help reduce loneliness, personal home helpers to help with daily activities and alternative medicine and acupuncture. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in knows that one of the best ways to help people live healthier is to lower barriers and make it easier for individuals to access items that address everyday health needs. Giving people the option of services, such as delivered meals and assistive devices, may make it easier for them to better manage chronic conditions, engage more with their community or avoid preventable health-related incidents.

All of the options we found with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield line up very well with my mom’s current and future needs and we’ve been very pleased to discover this option in our search for the right plan. It makes planning much easier to be able to see what she can count on in the future and to know that it lines up with her philosophy of holistic health care. We were thrilled to discover it is available for her as she moves forward with her life plans. 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. 

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