The Perfect Gift for Grandparents That Have Everything

What do you buy for the grandparent that has everything and wants nothing? Shopping for the ones you love the most can be pretty daunting. They spoil you most of your life and love you unconditionally. How do you pick a gift that says ‘thank you’ for all of that? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.


This year, we gave my mom her very own Forevernote Chapters Book. I feel a little selfish about this one because it is such a special keepsake for all of us. So, what is Forevernote?

It’s a keepsake book that will be cherished for generations.

Here’s how to get started. Gift your loved one a Forevernote plan and help them set up an interview time. A Forevernote interviewer will call and ask them all about the story they want to capture for their friends and family.


They can share a lifetime of advice, war stories or even an ahhh-inspiring “how we met” story. Have you ever wondered what their wedding day was like? Do you remember your mom chatting about growing up in the 50s, but you can’t remember much of what she said? Now, you can have all of those special stories in a beautiful book forever.

I asked my mom to share her favorite holiday recipes and family photos for all of us to enjoy for a very long time. It was so much fun going through all of the old photo boxes to dust off her favorites. I scanned each one while she told me the stories behind them. Then, I uploaded the files to the Forevernote website. She included beautiful memories going all the way back to her childhood Christmas morning moments.


My favorite stories were the ones she shared about my dad. I lost him when I was very young, and I love hearing about their lives before I was born. The photo of her and my dad snuggled together on a wall in Philly is one I’d love to recreate with my sweet husband. It is such a special memory. I’m so happy I’ll be able to share it with my kids when they are old enough to appreciate it.

Not only will we get the keepsake book, but we’ll also get an mp3 of the interview. After losing my dad, I know how special it is to have voice recordings after someone is gone. I love that I’ll have the whole interview to listen to now and later on.


Next year, we might just have to buy my mom another book so she and the kids can reminisce about all of our travel stories. I’d love to hear that sweet recording.

Tell me all about the special person you’d share this one-of-a-kind gift with this year. What stories do you think they’d share?

I received a complimentary Forevernote Chapters Book in exchange for this article. All opinions are my own.

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