Can Any Good Come Out of This?

Self-quarantine. Social distancing. Coronavirus. None of those words mean a thing to my little ones.


All they know is mommy and daddy are home all the time, there are a lot of yummy snacks in the pantry and they aren’t allowed to enjoy swim class anymore.

How do I help them make sense of this frightening situation? Can any good come out of this?

I think so.

We’ve stopped fighting traffic and started strolling before sunset.

We’ve stopped picking up carryout and started cooking hot meals.

We’ve stopped checking boxes and crossing off to-dos and started living in the present.

We’ve stopped rushing from activity to activity and started enjoying the ones we love.

We’ve stopped putting ourselves first and started helping those in need.

We’ve stopped worrying about grades and started reading books together.

We’ve stopped prioritizing everything outside the home and started putting everything inside those four walls first.

Maybe it isn’t all bad.

And, perhaps, that is all my tiny humans need to understand right now. Things have changed. Things are pretty scary. But it isn’t all bad.

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