5 Lessons Learned: Family Travel Post Covid-19 Lockdown

Initially, we decided to stay home indefinitely during the Coronavirus global pandemic. Our plans changed after some in-depth research and careful planning. We were able to take a wonderful family vacation full of social distancing and family memories. Scroll on for our tips to make a safe family vacation happen in 2020. 

Do Your Research

We knew we couldn’t control everything, but we did our best to control what we could. I spent a few hours looking into our destination before we arrived. Here are the elements we researched before we made any plans or reservations. 

  • The COVID-19 cases in the area
  • Mask requirements
  • Live webcams and Google cams to check for crowds
  • Instagram hashtags or Facebook groups for the destination to see recent posts – we went to Virginia’s Eastern Shore, so I searched #visitesva, #assateague, #chicoteague – you get the idea. 

Be Flexible

On our second day of vacation, we decided to visit Assateague National Seashore. When we first arrived, we didn’t have any issues with social distancing, so we claimed our 10 feet of beach and started having fun. After an hour, more people began arriving, and I started getting nervous. So, we packed up and headed back to the van. Of course, we all wanted to stay and enjoy the shore, but it wasn’t worth the risk. My best advice, “plan lightly.” Your plans will likely change. 

Find Outdoor Fun

Have you downloaded the AllTrails app yet? The app has been a lifesaver for us during the quarantine. We find lots of nearby trails, and I can search for the amount of foot traffic and difficulty for the kids. I love the hikes we’ve seen close to home that we never knew existed. And now, we can use the app to find places on the road. We won’t be adventuring indoors for quite a while. Honestly, I’ll take the great outdoors any day. 

Pack Your Masks (and sanitizer)

Yes, I always grab a mask when I head out to a local store for essentials. Face coverings are required in Virginia, but I would wear one anyway. I didn’t think we would need our masks at the beach, so I left them in the car. Unfortunately, we had to use a bathhouse at one of the state parks, and we needed our masks inside. Oops! In general, I throw them and our sanitizer in my backpack all the time now. It is just easier. 

Go with Your Gut

We took our RV because we felt the most comfortable that way. The campground where we stayed had cabin rentals that made for a great option too. Please know, I’m not encouraging anyone to travel that doesn’t feel safe doing so. These are our experiences, and we felt safe during the trip. We decided to eat out one night, and it was an eye-opening experience. We won’t eat out again. Carryout it is for the foreseeable future. Trust your instincts and stay safe out there. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at toddlinacrossamerica@gmail.com    

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